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Muscle Oats Energy & Protein Flapjack

  • 18g Protein
  • High in Fibre
  • Low in Sugar (2g)
  • Contains Coconut Oil
  • Slow Releasing Energy (Only 238Kcals)
  • Taste & Texture= 5star rating


£10.00 GBP£34.99 GBP


What is Muscle Oats Protein & Energy Flapjack?

Our Muscle Oats protein flapjack is the ultimate everyday snack for everyone – from gym-goers to runners, and everyone in-between – with knockout nutritional values and two mouthwatering flavours.

These deliciously chewy protein flapjack bars are packed with 18g of protein from a unique oat blend that delivers an important source of carbohydrates to help fuel your day.

Muscle Oats is the most advanced protein & energy flapjack on the market. It is designed to give you slow releasing energy through the carbohydrates from natural oats. It ups your protein intake for the day with 18g of high quality proteins included. Healthy fats are included with the use of coconut oil which is not seen in competitors products due to expense. Muscle Oats is high in fibre and with only 2g of sugar it makes it the flapjack with the lowest sugar content available on the market.

Benefits of Muscle Oats Protein Flapjack?

  1. 17/18g high quality proteins
  2. High in fibre
  3. Low in sugar
  4. Slow realising energy from natural oats
  5. Contains coconut oil healthy fats
  6. Healthy snack or meal replacement on the go
  7. Only 238Kcals
  8. Amazing taste and texture
  9. Morning Oats
  10. Pre or Post workout Oats


Why is Muscle Oats the best on the market?

Muscle Oats is not your typical protein snack. As well as providing all the great benefits, Muscle Oats is packed with leading edge ingredients such as coconut oil, whey protein and natural oats to ensure you maintain energy and help with recovery throughout your busy day. We have added cocoa flavouring and white chocolate drizzle to help get rid of your cravings and give you the best tasting product on the market.



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