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  • Most powerful multivitamin
  • Supports immune system
  • Antioxidant
  • Bone strength and blood health
  • Recovery

£12.99 GBP



Multistax is a high strength, premium quality multivitamin designed to support the daily needs of the active male. It contains a range of useful vitamins and minerals that can help the body protect itself from fatigue, illness and injury.

Why do I need to take a multivitamin?

People who regularly partake in high intensity exercise, like us gym addicts, will require higher levels of essential nutrients than the majority of the population. Multistax has been developed as a super strength, complete multivitamin to support the increased needs of the active person.

What vitamins and minerals does Multistax contain?

Multistax includes an advanced vitamin B complex, containing over 100% RDA of all 8 individual B vitamins which work synergistically to increase energy production, enhance immune function and support a healthy heart and brain function. Vitamins A, C and E are super-antioxidants and help to protect the body against free-radicals, which are produced as a result of intense exercise and can cause cell damage. We’ve also added vitamin D3 and vitamin K to support bone health and muscle function.

Multistax provides high levels of ten essential minerals which perform many vital functions within the body. Potassium supports the nervous system and muscle function, whilst magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and enhance muscle protein synthesis. We also have included over 150% RDA of zinc to support recovery.

Why is this a premium quality multivitamin?

Other leading brands multivitamins use low quality ingredients such as vitamin D2, which have poor availability and uptake. Multistax uses only the highest quality actives, such as vitamin D3, which has optimum uptake and availability. We have added ingredients specifically to improve uptake and utilisation of key vitamins, such as citrus bioflavanoids which have been shown to enhance the effects of vitamin C.

Does it contain unnecessary ingredients?

Nope. Other leading brands sacrifice essential vitamins and minerals and instead they bulk out the ingredient declaration with tiny amounts of herbs and extracts, far too little to have any nutritional benefit. This leaves you with a poor quality large pill which is difficult to swallow. At Musclestack we have opted to add increased levels of proven ingredients rather than adding extracts with little scientific backing.

Are the pills difficult to swallow?

We know that multivitamins can often be bulky pills that are difficult to swallow. Our specially coated pill is compressed to produce a small, easy to swallow finished tablet which provides highly available, proven ingredients.

Does it meet the RDA for vitamins?

Multistax provides over 500% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) vitamin D, compared to competitors who provide as little as 23% RDA of this essential vitamin. Multistax has been formulated to contain higher levels of antioxidant vitamins A (88% RDA) and C (126% RDA), compared to competitors who provide much lesser amounts. We have also included 30µg of vitamin K which is often forgotten about in multivitamin tablets, however it plays an essential role in bone strength and blood health.

How high is the mineral content?

We provide much higher levels of key recovery minerals than competitor products with 150% RDA Zinc and 34% RDA Magnesium, compared to leading competitor products which provide less than half these values. Zinc and magnesium play a key roles in testosterone production and muscle function, so are essential for the active male population. We have also provided higher levels of potassium, copper, selenium and chromium, all of which play key roles in immune function.

How will it benefit my performance?

Vitamins and minerals contribute to many vital functions within the body. Whilst we may not notice any specific performance benefits from taking a multivitamin on a daily basis, deficiency of one or more essential vitamins and minerals can have huge detrimental effects on performance. Every time we train we put stress upon the body’s immune system, therefore it is vital that the body is supplied with all the nutrients required to protect itself from, fatigue, stress and ultimately illness or injury. Multistax has been specially formulated to deliver 27 individual nutrients to support the increased needs of trained individuals.