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  • 29g Protein
  • Metabolism Booster
  • Use as healthy meal replacement

£39.99 GBP


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What is Diet Whey Protein?

Diet Whey Shake N Take is an advanced weight loss formula containing over 29g of premium quality protein per serving. It includes a mixture of premium quality protein powders with popular diet ingredients including green tea, carnitine and essential vitamin and minerals. This unique formula is the perfect for anyone looking to cut fat and build quality muscle. Diet Whey Shake N Take is a blend made from a mixture of three different premium protein sources, low GI carbs and healthy fats, the potent amino acid acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR), Green Tea Extract and a range of vitamins and minerals. Diet Whey Shake N Take can be used by anyone who is training to reduce their fat levels and gain lean muscle. This weight loss formula offers a convenient and cost effective way to consume a range of key nutrients required for fat loss and lean muscle maintenance without the hassle and expense of buying them individually..

What protein, carbs and fats are included?

We have included an advanced protein blend which provides over 29g of premium quality protein from whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and micellar casein. This tapered release protein blend is ideal for keeping you feeling fuller for longer and will enhance growth and recovery post workout. Diet Whey Shake N Take provides more protein per serving than competitor diet support formulas. We have also used only the highest quality protein sources, such as micellar casein, which is not found in competitor products. Diet Whey Shake N Take provides 9.3g of slow release carbohydrates from Oats. We have included this low GI carbohydrate to provide a sustained energy release, making Diet Whey Shake N Take ideal before and after training, or as a healthy meal replacement. We have also included 2g of flax seed to provide healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Other Nutritional Benefits?

Diet Whey Shake N Take has been formulated to provide effective levels of all active ingredients. We know that some companies use tiny amounts, just to make a claim, but we don’t do this. Diet Whey Shake N Take provides 500mg of ALCAR, 300mg of Green Tea Extract and over 60% RDA of 14 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving of Diet Whey Shake N Take provides 500mg of the potent amino acid Acetyl L Carnitine which has a role in cellular energy production, it is also reputed to help increase overall energy levels. We have also included 300mg of the popular caffeine containing Green Tea Extract which has been shown to increase metabolic rate and the rate at which fat is used for energy.

How should I use Diet Whey Shake N Take?

We recommend 1-2 bottles per day. Add 200-250ml of water or milk and shake in your Shake N Take Bottle. Drink one in the morning and the other between meals or after exercise.