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BULK Mass Gainer

  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • 34g Protein
  • 464 Kcal
  • 78g Carbohydrates

£44.99 GBP


Why BULK Mass Gainer helps you get bigger?

BULK Mass Gainer has been specifically formulated for people looking to increase their muscle size and strength. With over 462kcal per serving our BULK Mass Gainer will help supply your bodies energy demands and help maximise those muscle gains and get bigger.

Whats in BULK Mass Gainer?

Carbohydrates – These are our bodies preferred energy source. Each 125g serving size contains over 78g of carbohydrates. Two carbohydrate sources are included.

Pure Fine Oats – Each 125g serving contains 40g of our Pure Fine Oats. Not only are they an excellent source of sustained carbohydrate energy, oats contain dietary fibre which is essential in the diet linked to a decreased risk of health risks and improved function of food digestion

Maltodextrin – This fast digested polysaccahirde carbhoydrate is broken down very quickly by the body helping provide a fast supply for your body. Therefore keeping your body in an anabolic state to prevent catabolic breakdown of muscle. These sources will help achieve a calorie surplus each day which is the first essential step to gaining mass and size. Not only are you giving your body the nutrient it needs, but it will also contribute to improved performance.

Protein This is the building blocks needed for our bodies to grow and will contribute to the repair and maintenance of lean muscle mass and get bigger. Most importantly BULK Mass Gainer provides over 34g of protein per serving! Coinciding this with Over 422kcal provided per serving, therefore this will help you achieve the calorie surplus needed for muscle growth.



BCAAs – BCAAs is an advanced formula of beneficial branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in tablet form. Our BCAA tablets containing three essential muscle building amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine – in a proven 2:1:1 ratio. BCAA tablets can help develop and preserve muscle tissue.