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**LOG BOOKING** I feel one of the MOST important but forgotten factors in progressing in the gym is recording your training sessions in a log book format. I stress this point with all my clients on a daily basis … hourly basis … actually every 15 minutes !! lol #DontForgetYourLogBook

I personally like to use “old school” pen and paper rather than a phone etc as it limits the time we are on our phone which can lead to procrastination. Remember we are there for the job in hand!! Make a note of what your training session with strategic exercise selection, your reps, your sets and the weight lifted. You can even make a note of what reps you want to get by referring to the reps you previously got. This mentally prepares us for what we want to achieve and setting these short term goals will lead us to achieving our long-term goals. #CHALLENGEYOURSELF

Every session we are Looking for an increase in a rep, a little weight or ideally BOTH 👌 I stress that we must obtain these with perfect form though as otherwise over using momentum or other muscle groups will give us a false reading which can jeopardises progression and could also cause injury.

The log book will stop us from wasting time in the gym and it make us challenge ourselves daily even if we are a little demotivated on days… these are the days I feel it is most important as it makes us work harder to beat ourselves from the previous week!

Ask yourself are you lifting the same weights you were 6 months ago, a year ago or even several years ago? How can you expect to progress and look any different? I guarantee if you log book YOU WILL PROGRESS!! #YourWelcome #ChallengeYourself #SetGoals #ProgressiveOverload